Eris Motors DMS

The Dealer Management System (DMS) specialised in Automotive Dealership Group networks in France.

DMS is the software designed to manage the various activities of an Automotive Dealership Group: sales of new and used vehicles, workshop, spare parts (i.e. the warehouse).

The strengths of Eris Motors DMS

Optimized Cost of Ownership

Fast reactivity

Integrated Accounting

The benefits of Eris Motors DMS

A simple and reliable DMS

Eris Motors is the fruit of ongoing dialogue with users; the result is a software that perfectly matches what users do (i.e., their professions) and how they do it (i.e., the associated processes): NC/UC Sales, Workshop, Warehouse.
Eris Motors works with a reduced perimeter of Brands and countries; this facilitates robustness and maintenance.

Integrated Accounting

Eris Motors has an integrated accounting package in order to achieve perfect consistency between accounting movements, invoices and entries. This accounting can be interfaced with other financial applications if necessary.

User-driven updates each month

Every month we deliver an update for Eris Motors featuring improvements and new features requested by users.
Likewise, any changes in regulations and new products available from manufacturers are quickly delivered.


The Dealer Management System (DMS) specialised in Automotive Dealership Group networks in France.

Caractéristiques de Eris Motors DMS

NV & UV Features:

• Buying and selling of New Vehicles (New & Test Drive).
• Buying and selling of Used Vehicles.
• Vehicle Qualification.
• Centralized inventory management with inventory count and intra-group movements.
• Pushing info about vehicles to classified advertisers.

After Sales Features:

Workshop Management with:
• Repair order, costs (parts and labour), scheduling, billing, logging work hours.
Spare parts warehouse with:
• Purchase & sales of parts, centralized inventory management with inventory and intra-group movements, WAP valuation.
• Integrated Accounting.
• Interface with Workshop Management System (WMS).

Eris Motors DMS is a component of the Imaweb integrated platform

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Business intelligence for automotive distribution

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